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 As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to support our ongoing efforts to bring harmony and the barbershop art form to others.  You can support our mission of musical excellence and education by becoming a HeartSong Show Chorus sponsor.


If you believe in the mission of HeartSong and believe more people should be able to experience this unique performing musical art form, we need your help!!! 


HeartSong is more than just entertaining performances.  We provide top-notch education and training to singers who would not otherwise develop their talents.  We also support the community by providing high-quality entertainment for the entire family.

  • Sponsor  scholarships    Our east central Indiana area has its own unique economic issues which means that many of our members often have emergencies that cause them to have to drop out at a time when they really need the support of the chorus.  Our member scholarship fund enables them to maintain their membership and participation in the chorus while they work thru their difficulty.  Often we have a new younger guest who would love to be a part, but due to a young family or minimum wage job, she is unable to afford it.  Our scholarship fund helps pay part of her first year while building up her account to be able to financially maintain her membership.
  • Scholarship Sponsor:  $300
  • Sponsor coachingThe chorus regularly receives all important coaching in vocal production and performance skills from Internationally recognized musicians and vocal instructors as part of our goal of musical excellence.  
  • Coaching Sponsor for one year = $1500; 
  • Coaching Sponsor per session $300+
  • Sponsor music. Many of the songs we sing are arrangements created specifically for us.  Commissioning a new arrangement and learning tracks costs anywhere from $200 to $600 per composition.  Contact our Director, Zoe Hagy @ 765-664-8359 if you would like to sponsor one of the upcoming new songs.  You will be recognized as the song sponsor each time we sing it.
  • Music Sponsor:  $300+
  • Sponsor Operating Budget.  Perhaps supporting our operating budget is where you'd like to help.  We always can use help to meet our monthly expenses, promote the chorus in our communities and seek out singers who would want to be part of our organization.  For a non-profit organization, our budget it relatively small, but even though we keep costs to a minimum, we often struggle to be able to do some of the important things we'd like to do in our communities.

  • Operating Budget Sponsor:  $100 per month





Please contact our Director, Zoe Hagy if you would like to help the chorus at any of the above sponsorship levels.  She is also available  if you would like to personally discuss major sponsorship opportunities and benefits.  Contact her at 765-677-SING. 




HeartSong Show Chorus is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization that welcomes your tax-deductible donations.  Our chorus welcomes women from every walk of life regardless of age, race, religion or physical ability.  Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Please check with your tax advisor concerning the tax deductibility of your gift. 






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